How to plan your next Career Move

Almost everyone has a dream job in mind. Some of us are lucky to get our dream jobs right after college. Others are lucky to get a role in the career path that will lead us to that dream job.

Most persons have to start from somewhere different from their dream jobs, and that’s okay.

Whether you need a career move to take you close to your dream job or you suddenly desire a change in career, planning is vital.

Career moves are quite common and an almost daily occurrence, every day, somewhere, someone is changing career or moving to a different role.

These moves do not just happen. They take planning. Plan your next step correctly, and you will have a smooth transition. Plan it poorly, and it will most likely not go well.

When to make a career move.

There is no fixed time to make a career move. There are, however, specific conditions that trigger the need for a career move.

Frustration with your current working environment is an excellent motivator for a career move. Asides frustration, lack of fulfilment, boredom, lack of intellectual challenge, no clear career growth path are all excellent reasons for desiring career move.

Change in life status too can be a reason. Whatever your reason for desiring a career move, be sure to listen to your heart working without passion is the quickest way to burn out or resent the job.

When deciding on whether or not to change careers, make sure you carry your inner voice along. Especially when emotional factors are the ones driving the need for a career change Gut feeling is one critical index for a career move. A sense of fore brooding, unsettlement, discomfort and beyond reasonable anxiety (for those who are not prone to anxiety attacks) are indicators.

When your heart feels heavy at a decision, and you are not sure or comfortable with it, perhaps you should revisit the decision.

It is critical that you explore all options available before making a career move. When making a career move decision, be sure to evaluate that this move is born out of a genuine desire to change careers or roles. It should be something you desire.

How to know you are ready for a career move.

The decision to change careers or roles can be impulsive or can be part of a long term plan. Before you make a career move, you have to ensure you are ready.

 A little self-quiz can help you know why you want to move, and if you are ready.

Specific questions are vital when it comes to making this type of decision.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Why do you desire to move? Are you escaping?
  • How valid is your “why”?
  • Is the next place a better option or a means to an end? Is the environment there better?
  • Is this the right time to move?
  • What are your expectations from this next move?

There are numerous questions to ask. Most of the questions are career and reason specific.

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How to plan your next career move.

Ready to make a career move? Here are some steps you can use in planning your next career move.

Decide what the future career path will be.

The questions above will help provide some insight into this. It will make no sense if you decide to go wherever the wind blow. Is this move as a result of a lack of fulfilment in your current job or a step closer to your dream job? This will help you decide what the next career path will be.

Do the walk. 

This is the point where you do proper research. It is appropriate that you research the nooks and crannies of the proposed career. You can talk to people who work in that field, carry out online researches and if possible visit organizations that do the same thing. Research gives you an insight into what to expect. It will also save you from disappointment, just in case your expectations are high.

Make preparations.

Depending on what sector your next career path is and the level you are on your current career, you might need to take some certification courses to make you eligible for the next career path. The research you carry out will help you know the requirements for the next career move.

Look for opportunities.

This is a really good time to brush up your digital profile. At this point, you want to consciously filter your digital feeds to keep you updated on opportunities that will open in your proposed career path. It is critical that you brush up your skills, get the right certifications while you look out for opportunities. You can also volunteer in a role similar to where you are headed. This will help you get acquainted with the next career role.

Stay relevant.

Yes, it might be challenging to keep showing up and give your best if your reason for a career move is due to dissatisfaction with your current job. Still, do it. Most employers will always go back to your previous employer to do some background check. You want to get a good review from the workplace you intend to leave. Continue to stay relevant. Do not speak negative about the job, your bosses or colleagues. Deliver your best at every point. Up till the last moment you work at your current job, stay relevant. Stay on the job. Do your best and leave a good reputation behind.

With these steps, you can plan your next career move and execute it as soon as the opportunity arises. One thing to have at the back of your mind is the fact that the next career opportunity might not come in the exact way you envisaged. Be prepared to take alternative routes to get to your next career path.

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