What Employers Look For In Their Potential Candidates

One common mistake job seekers make is to believe their academic qualifications and good grades are all they need to land their dream jobs in big companies and choice organisations. But in reality, every employee is on the lookout for certain qualities in their potential employees.

Most times, job seekers miss the main points and focus on what employers consider less important. As a job seeker who has attended countless job interviews without landing any job, it is important you pay more attention to these important features job seekers look for in their potential employees.

To get you adequately equipped for success as you hunt for your dream job, we bring you these 10 most important things employers want in their potential employees. I do believe you will get things right before your next job interview after reading this post. Here are 10 things employers are looking for in their candidates: 

Problem Solving Skills and Abilities

 Some of the questions posed to you by interviewers during job interviews are aimed at ascertaining your skillset, qualitative reasoning abilities and intelligent quotient. The workplace has gotten more competitive and tasking with several innovations and technological advancements available today. 

The need for employees to know how best to handle challenges when they arise without consulting any booklet is one feature that will stand you out during interviews. Your ability to solve impromptu problems is invaluable to the growth of the company and your success.

Having a broad knowledge of all vital issues is one great way to set yourself up for success during job interviews. When questions aimed at measuring your skillset and problem-solving abilities are thrown at you during job interviews, employers expect you to give a good account of your IQ and problem-solving skills.

Effective Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital in every industry. Your communication skills must be topnotch before you can get the attention of any recruiter. Employers communicate with their employees using different communication channels daily. 

Also, you will be in contact with clients from different backgrounds and with different levels of understanding. You must have to prove your ability to communicate effectively with anyone you come in contact within your line of work to make a good impression on any recruiter.

Leadership Skills and Ambition

Big companies are in search of employees who can easily step into leadership positions in the nearest future. While shopping for potential employees, these employers pay attention to your leadership skills and pointers that show you can step into leadership positions when the opportunity comes your way.

A company that has no young team of leaders to take over from the old ones won’t be in business for too long. No serious company will look your way if you do not display strong leadership skills and ambitions. Having ambitious subordinates keeps superiors on their toes in the workplace. Every serious employer understands this fact and will always go for the candidate who will make those ahead of him feel threatened by his or her intelligence and commitment.

Ability to Work in a Team

Every organisation requires good teamwork from employees. You shouldn’t be searching for a job if you cannot work with others. A good team player is a potentially great team leader. Every employer wants an employee who will work with others to achieve a common goal.

Someone who will pursue team achievement rather than personal wins. It is teamwork that improves the efficiency of any company or organisation and it’s overall output and performance at the end of every business year. No employer will take you seriously if you show signs you like working and meeting your work goals alone.

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Technical Skills

As job roles become more technical and tech-driven, employers are on the lookout for employees who have the technical know-how to get the job done and beat the competition. No matter the job position you are applying for, your technical skills will give you an edge over other candidates with little or no idea of how things are done in the digital sphere.

Employers use your technical skills to weigh your usefulness in the workplace. They want someone who can be deployed to any department to help get things done and the person will be useful wherever he is sent. Most employers do not have the patience to send recruits on training. So, the more knowledgeable and experienced you are, the more likely you are to be considered for the job position you applied to. 

Ability to Adapt to New Conditions and Environments

Companies understand the need to stay fluid in an ever-changing business world. Today’s businesses thrive on constantly evolving technologies and ever-changing business techniques.

A company that cannot adapt to new business ethics and stay up-to-date on tech advancements can’t compete in the very competitive business world we have today.

Hence, every employer prefers candidates that are always prepared to adapt to the changes in the working environment and industry. This will sometimes mandate workers to drop some personal habits and routines, change their preferred work styles.

If the need arises, you must be ready to change your working hours and environment all to coalesce yourself into the company’s newest culture and changes. Only candidates who show signs of readiness to adapt to changes as they occur in the workplace get the attention of blue-chip employers. 

Passion for Work

Most people search for jobs to make ends meet. However, employers are not looking for candidates who want any type of job and job roles to stay busy and earn some money. Employees who are driven by passion are known to be more committed when given the job.

Moreover, the job productivity of the passion-driven employee is always worlds ahead of what employers get from the vast majority of employees who work to put food on their table. This passion for the job role you are gunning for can be easily seen in your approach to questions on job roles and service deliveries.

Employers will hire you if you show deep passion and enthusiasm for the job. This is because possessing such passion and enthusiasm has a way of rubbing off on other employees when the passion-driven employee is given the role of leading a team.


Employers want employees who can work without supervision. There is no room for mediocrity and errors in the corporate world. No employer wants an employee who will turn in excuses instead of results.

If you give the recruiter any hint that you cannot deliver without strict monitoring, no own will hire you. No employer wants an employee who cannot meet deadlines when something important is at stake. Since you can function well in a team, employers want someone who can be a good team player and work well without supervision. 

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Most times clients use the integrity of employees as a yardstick for measuring the integrity of any company. Employers understand the fact that the integrity of their workers is the sole determining factor for the company’s prospects and survival. No employer wants an employee who has no value for his or her reputation.

Hiring someone with no integrity is something no employer is ready to risk. You must have to show a track record of your integrity to convince the recruiter you will always accept your mistakes and own up to your miscalculations instead of blaming everyone else whenever something goes wrong under your watch.


 Every employer wants an employee who can take critical decisions. Hiring an indecisive person can affect the overall output of a company because decisions are crucial to closing business deals with clients at every point while on any job. Every recruiter wants employees who can be trusted to take tough and intelligent decisions whenever the need arises.

In conclusion, a plethora of job openings are always available in the market now and then. However, to attract the attention of employers, you must build and display most of these aforementioned qualities. 

We wish you well in your job search!



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