Why Now is The Best Time to Embrace Flexible Working Hours

Change is a constant factor in every professional landscape. As a business owner, it is in your best interest to stay abreast of modern trends used by thriving businesses to hire their new employees. Same way fax machines have been disposed of in favour of fast email services, it is also important for every business owner to stay up-to-date with what has been accepted as the norm in the workplace culture of today.

Most big businesses and organizations are carving out a new work protocol, a move seen by many as a paradigm shift that is bound to change the way things work in the workplace. One of such new trends embraced by many in the developed world is flexible working. Flexible working is a working protocol where employees are allowed to work from the comfort of their homes for a given period of time occasionally.

There has never been a better time to embrace flexible working than now for very many overwhelmingly obvious reasons. According to a recent report by Gallup, almost half of all American workforce now enjoy the flexibility of working from the comfort of their homes sometimes. Even the fact that a number of industries do not have the technology that can make flexible working possible has done little or nothing to reduce the popularity of remote working and flexible working culture.

Some people believe flexible working is an excuse for lazy employees to stay in their night wears all day while surfing the net and languishing on social media all day. Expectedly, some toxic type of employees is most likely to abuse this new working culture like they abuse every other protocol. However. every serious employee will no doubt appreciate the fact that flexible working is a win-win situation for both the employer and employee.

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Nonetheless, many blue chirp companies are disproving this erroneous belief that flexible working will introduce negative energy to the workforce by reeling out and emphasizing the endless benefits of flexible working. In this post, we will look at some undeniable reasons why now is the best time to embrace flexible working than at any other time in history. Let’s see some of these reasons here:

Flexible Working Will Help Save Our Endangered Environment From Further Defacement And Deterioration

The number of private and public vehicles on our highways as people rush to and from their different workplaces is one reason we are dealing with global warming today. Global warming is among the recent climate change issues that are responsible for the greenhouse effect and flooding. Flexible working can help reduce the number of cars on our highways and the need to commute to the office every morning and back home every evening, thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer and heat up the stratosphere.

The Need To Restore Sanity And Mental Health Among Many Road Users

Giving employees a few hours or days of their lives to work from home does a lot of good to the workers and the rest of us. The never-ending gridlocks on our highways in commercial cities like Lagos can be checkmated when employers embrace flexible working. Also, the high-stress levels experienced by most of today’s office workers go a long way to prove the fact that now is the right to embrace flexible working. With fewer people rushing to make it work, there will be fewer road rage and accidents on our highways. This will go a long way to restore sanity to most of us.

Flexible Working Can Help Address The High Cost of Running Businesses

Most employees will accept a small pay cut to be allowed to work from home once in a while for very obvious reasons. Working from home comes with a lot of benefits to everyone involved, especially to nursing mum whom it gives the priceless opportunity to keep a keen eye on their little ones as they work. Also, remote and flexible working can help businesses save more money and hire more hands. With the reduced cost of running Businesses, the problem of the high costs of goods and services can be addressed to create a more robust economy.

Flexible Working Will Address The Rising Issue of Absenteeism From Work

Most employees fake sicknesses just to be allowed to stay home with family for a day or two. This rising trend can be traced to the intense stress levels many workers have to endure while they rush to work every morning and back home every evening. With flexible working, employees can comfortably attend to job roles and tasks at home at their own pace while they give their body the much-needed rest.

Many companies are now open to virtual employment which gives people from every part of the world the chance to work from where they are, deliver the job and get paid without making any physical contact with the employer and other employees. This virtual employment option and remote working have broken down the social barriers placed on physically challenged people and people from certain cultures who can’t get away from their homes every morning to handle their daily tasks in the office for one reason or the other.

Flexible Working When Embraced Will Enhance Productivity

One other very important reason why we should embrace flexible working now is the alarming rate at which people’s job productivity has continued to drop in the workplace. Studies have shown that people who work from home or take off time to rest end up achieving more than people who spend their whole working hours hunched at their office desk.

The hours spent in traffic can be channelled to more productive issues at work and at home. This single change in work protocol helps retain employees, encourage more job seekers to apply, creates healthy and happy employees and lead to increased job output.

Reduces Frequent Clash of Interests in The Work Place.

Every crowded office battles irritation and small conflicts daily. Flexible working is a great way to decongest the workplace, leaving room for fewer misunderstandings among employees who will always have varying opinions on any given topic.

One important feature of a thriving company with survival instincts is knowing when the world around you is begging for immediate change and embracing whatever positive work protocol is adopted as the new way of doing business. However, before you adopt any flexible working option, make sure you put the necessary new tools and software in place and carry out some important policy overhauls.

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